Guest Blogger: I Cannot Marry Any Guy

Hello Sassy Peaches,

I am sorry I have not written anything in a while. I am getting used to my schedule and I have not had time to write. I do not know if you remember my last post, Blessed. If you read it, awesome! If you did not read it, I recommend you read it, especially the friend section. My guest blogger is one of my best friends, Ashlee.

I have not seen Ashlee since June, but we get to see each other in 9 days!! Our friendiversary is in 4 days as well. We were roommates last year and became best friends. Although we are states apart, we still try to talk to each other as much as possible. We are pretty crazy, but I would not change our friendship for anything. Everyone should have someone they can lean on no matter what, that is why we have each other. Ashlee asked me if I was willing to post her blog post and I said yes of course. This is the first and won’t be the last guest blog post on Sassy with a Side of Peaches. I am looking for more bloggers or people who love to write to do guest blog posts. Let me know if you are interested.

By: Ashlee Fern

There is a saying “When you get married, you are marrying the whole family.” That is well and good, if you get along with the in-laws, like my two friends from college. Yet, when the families do not get along, it becomes a nightmare for everyone. Even the movies have displayed those nightmares, an example being Monster-in-Law.

One day, it all clicked. “This is why I cannot just marry any guy. What about the family?” Now, I am not saying marry the guy who just likes your family or has been your friend for years, so everyone gets along. Instead I am saying, “Who can love your family like you do? Who can help you love them better?”

Maybe you have a difficult family situation: your parents are divorced or a parent walked out when you were young and is now back in your life. As a result, you try to love them, but sometimes they do things that make you angry.

Yet your husband or wife may give you a perspective that you have not seen, when he or she interacts with your parents. As a result, you see a different side of your family and your significant other. Your spouse is loving them and helping you see how to love them too. You cannot marry anyone. Anyone would take a side, anyone would forget the family, and anyone would not have compassion, love, and forgiveness you need to see.

Now this won’t be perfect and don’t expect your spouse to fix all your family problems.

As you look at your family tonight, think about the kind of character you have wanted in a spouse. Is that the character that will help your spouse love your family as you do?

Maybe you are currently in a relationship and it’s time to meet the family. Maybe you are nervous about how your boyfriend or girlfriend will get along with your father, mother, brother and or sisters. Maybe you grew up in a broken home and you’re praying your father hasn’t been drinking before you take your boyfriend or girlfriend to meet him. As Christians, marriage is a couple striving together to serve God better as one. Loving people and serving starts in the family. How will your future husband or wife help you display the character of God to your family?

This is why I cannot marry any guy.


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