Leap Year

February 29th is a day that only happens every four years. Some people are born on Leap Day which means their birthdays are only every four years. I know a girl whose birthday is on Leap Day. I asked her how she celebrates and she says that they celebrate on February 28th. I think it would be special to only have you birthday every four years but also difficult.

If you have not seen the movie Leap Year, I highly recommend it. The story is based around Leap Day. Anna, from Boston, has been dating Jeremy for four years. They were applying to get an apartment together. Jeremy has to travel to Ireland for a conference. Anna’s father tells her about the old Irish tradition of a woman asking a man to marry her. Anna decides that is exactly what she is going to do. She jumps on a plane and doesn’t quite make it to Dublin. She has to take a boat to who knows where and ends up in a pub/inn. The owner, Declan, happens to be a cab driver as well. Anna asks him to drive her to Dublin.

Along the way, their car sinks in a river, they get robbed, they beat up the robbers, they miss their train, have to stay at a couple’s house for the night, and have to pretend they are married. While at the couple’s house, they make dinner for everyone. As they eat dinner, they are forced to kiss. They try to get away with just a peak on the check, but have to full on kiss. When they do, Anna realizes that she might not love Jeremy. Declan also realizes he likes Anna.

When they finally make it to Dublin, Declan stays for a while to help Anna out. Anna gets to Jeremy’s hotel and offers to pay Declan for his troubles and he asks for the coin they used to flip for who got to sleep on the bed. It was a subtle small detail, but he turned back around to talk to her again. Jeremy then walks up and proposes.

Leap Year is a romantic comedy, but it has stuff for everyone. I recommend watching it tonight or whenever you have time. It is a great for date nights, girl’s nights, movie marathons, sleepovers, and many more.

I hope you all enjoyed your Leap Day and I hope you can watch Leap Year soon.

Until next time my sassy peaches,




Valentine’s Month

Happy February to you all! I know that not everyone likes Valentine’s Day, so I suggest you  avoid my blog this month. I am going to be talking about love, all forms. I hope that you all enjoy it and if you do not enjoy love, you can avoid this blog for the next month.

My first post about love is also my first movie review. I hope you enjoy and talk to y’all soon.

You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite movies with two of my favorite actors. It is about love and how we should be open to any form of it. I encourage you it watch it if you have not and if you have, watch it again. It is a classic and everyone on the plant should see it at least once. Below is a little about the journey the characters go on and how they learn about love.

Love can be disappointing and can make you do things you don’t mean. Kathleen Kelly gets stood up by her pen pal. She says things to her enemy, which were cruel, and she felt horrible because she is a kind person and is never cruel. She regrets what she said. She says, “Even though I can hardly believe what I said mattered to this man, to him I am just a bug to be crushed, but what if it did? No matter what he has done to me there is no excuse for my behavior.” I know I have done and said things that I know have hurt others and you feel so bad about it. God has everything happen for a reason and we should not have any regrets about what we say.

Joe Fox, Kathleen’s email pal, has to apologize for standing her up. He tries to make up two different stories, but in the end he erases them. He does something incredible. He begs her to forgive him for what happened. He did not want to hurt her anymore. He tells her he is sure that, “whatever she said was provoked, even deserved and everyone says things they regret when they are worried or stressed.” He tells her it was his fault and says he is still there for her. He apologizes because he made her do something she regretted.

Frank is Kathleen’s boyfriend and they realize they are only together because they are so right for each other and it is convenient. They break up because they don’t love each other. When he asks her if there is someone else, she says, “No. But there is the dream of someone else.” Love catches us when we least expect it to. At least that is what everyone says.

“There was a man who knew exactly what he wanted.”

“Change is a good thing. All they’re really saying is something that you didn’t want to happen at all, happened.”

Love through their eyes. You might be perfect for another person, but if you do not truly love them, why are you with them. I believe love finds its way to us, no matter what we go through. Take your time to find it. Everyone deserves the best.

Find the one single person in the world who fills your heart will joy.  Have you found that person? If not, keep looking, don’t settle for a good guy or gal, but look for the person who completes you.

Until next time my sassy peaches,