Adulthood is around the corner

As a high schooler, I expected to graduate college and go straight into my career. Even as a freshmen in college, I thought this to be true. As a senior in college who is 19 days away from graduating, I can tell you that is not the case. I am moving home for the summer and looking for an internship/entry level Public Relations job in the fall. It has been a process to come to terms with the fact of moving home, but I know that it will work out. I am not in control of my life, God is. If I am supposed to move home and wait patiently, I will do so (maybe not as patiently as I should).

Your 20s are a time of transition. You are not supposed to have your life figured out completely. There are other college graduates more qualified than you, there will be a ton of applicants for only one job opening, and you might not be a great fit for the company. Take time to breath, pray, and roll with the punches. Society might say we need to have our lives together, but guess what, it’s your life. Do what you want with it! Take this time to take internships, find what you have a passion for and don’t let anyone force you into a job you won’t like.

If you are transitioning into college, know that it is okay not to know what you want to major in. Take courses in different areas to see what excites you. If you are thinking about changing your major, do it now! Don’t regret the major you picked because some people are not cut out for certain careers. If you are graduating college and don’t have a plan, that is totally okay! Take some time and see what you want to do. Take life one day at a time and think about what you would like to do in your career.

We don’t need to act like we have everything together. Older adults don’t have their lives together either. Our career path and lives are like wine, it is better with age. It takes time and effort to know what we are called to do in life. Taking time to see what you are passionate about will benefit you in the long run. You don’t want to be stuck in a career you hate. If you would rather be in a hands on environment, a desk job might not be the best idea.

You also your first job won’t be your dream job. You have to be Cinderella a couple times before you find your Prince Charming of Jobs. You also must be willing to work internships for little to no pay. Employers look at your experience, not what you got paid.

If you are scared about your future, so is everyone else around you. Talk to others about it. They are struggling alongside you. Find comfort in others and see what you can do for them. Opportunities are everywhere. They may be jobs, internships, friendships, networking, or just supporting those around you. Seek out those opportunities because you never know what could happen.


Until next time my sassy peaches,



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