Happy Anniversary Sassy Peaches!

A year ago, I sat in Starbucks with my friend. We were doing homework and then took a break to talk. I had so many ideas that were just going around in my head. I was a Public Relations that needed to practice her writing. As we sat and talked, I decided to create a blog. Within two hours, I had created a blog, published my first post, and had two or three more posts lined up. It is crazy how time flies by. I figured today would be a great day to update y’all on what’s happening in the life of EM.

I have an adult job. A 9 to 5, actually job. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot during this foreign process. I am doing something that I went to school for and not most graduates can say that.

I am working on Sundays at TJ Maxx still and I am really enjoying it. As of May 22, I have worked with the company for two years. It is crazy to think it has been that long.

I am currently living at home and I am so thankful for parents who are helping me out. I am able to save money for loans and for my car payments. It also gives me more time with them and Tucker. Free dog sitting in there eyes.

I am buying my first car. I have been using my parents cars ever since I got my license. I am buying an light blue Envoy from my parents. It will take ten months to pay them for it, but I couldn’t be more excited. Her name right now is Blu, but I think I want to change her name. I like the name Sky and she is the color of the sky and she has a sunroof. If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment.

On June 13, I turned 22. I have two weeks until I finish my summer class. I have worked at my full time job for a little over a month. I have been away from college and all of my friends for almost two months. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this summer holds. Adulthood may be a big step, but I think God has done a pretty great job with so far. I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me and this great unknown they call life. #emsfeeling22 

All of you sassy peaches out there, I would like to say thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you! I have 17 blog posts, viewers in 24 different countries, and my blog has been views almost 500 times. I would just like to say you are impacting my life in a big way. It gives me the confidence to press on and keep blogging. Again, thank y’all so much!


Be the Light

Have you ever had a fight with your Heavenly Father? I have. I have had a lot within this past year. I bicker with Him about His plans for my future. It has been a long year battling with Him but I finally surrendered a month and a half ago. It was amazing. I also realized how emotion God has made me. He has been working on my heart for a long time. He is healing me and a month ago it was brought to my attention.

I was working at TJ Maxx as a cashier. I make it a point to be kind to every customer and make them feel welcomed. I also try to make a connection with them, whether it be something about their purchase or something about the weather, etc. I had an elderly woman come up, I greeted her, checked out her items, thanked her for coming in, and told her to have a great day. She picked up her bag and started to walk away. A few feet later she turns back around and says, “Can I ask you a question?” I responded, “Yes.” She goes on to ask me, “Are you a believer?” I smiled and answered, “Yes.” “I can tell” were the words that stopped me in my tracks and almost made me cry on the spot. Here is this woman, a complete stranger to me and she can tell who my Father is. She can tell I am His daughter and that I am on this earth for His purpose.
We sometimes need to be reminded that whatever we do, whoever we talk to, and wherever we go, He is in control and He will shine through us. I thought I was doing my job as a TJ Maxx associate, but it turns out I was doing the Lord’s work. He is and always will be my rock, the reason I live, and who I will serve everyday no matter what. He had that woman make a difference in my life in a simple way. She was being honest. I may never see her again, but she made a difference in my life today. I hope everyone can see this light inside of me because it is going to be shining brighter from now on.


Until next time my sassy peaches,


Summer Bucket List

Summer. Sweet tea. Lemonade. Sunglasses. Swimsuits. Sunsets. Trucks. Country music. County fairs. Shorts. Messy buns. Ice cream. Fireflys. Bonfires.

Those are the things I think of when someone says summer. This summer is my first summer out of college and also the first summer being home since before college. I have a full time job, a part time job, and a bucket list of things I want to accomplish between now and August.

Go to a drive in movie. If you don’t know what this is, google it. Drive in movie theaters are a perfect piece of summer. I would love to go to more than one and sit in a truck bed full of blankets and pillows.

Visit friends. Since graduating college, I have realized that I may never see some of those people again. I am going to make it a goal to visit at least three friends this summer. I love to travel so this is a perfect way for me to do so and see my friends.

Read five books. I love to read in the summer because I have so much time. I have already finished one book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I highly recommend it! You will laugh and cry, but also fall in love with the story. I have another Jojo Moyes book on the list as well as two Nicholas Sparks books and one dating advice book.

Live life to the fullest. Summer is a time to be adventurous and spread your wings a little bit. I will probably add more to my list because I want to make sure my summer and life is not taking for granted.

I hope y’all can make a summer bucket list as well and tell me all about your adventures!


Until next time my sassy peaches,