Happy Anniversary Sassy Peaches!

A year ago, I sat in Starbucks with my friend. We were doing homework and then took a break to talk. I had so many ideas that were just going around in my head. I was a Public Relations that needed to practice her writing. As we sat and talked, I decided to create a blog. Within two hours, I had created a blog, published my first post, and had two or three more posts lined up. It is crazy how time flies by. I figured today would be a great day to update y’all on what’s happening in the life of EM.

I have an adult job. A 9 to 5, actually job. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot during this foreign process. I am doing something that I went to school for and not most graduates can say that.

I am working on Sundays at TJ Maxx still and I am really enjoying it. As of May 22, I have worked with the company for two years. It is crazy to think it has been that long.

I am currently living at home and I am so thankful for parents who are helping me out. I am able to save money for loans and for my car payments. It also gives me more time with them and Tucker. Free dog sitting in there eyes.

I am buying my first car. I have been using my parents cars ever since I got my license. I am buying an light blue Envoy from my parents. It will take ten months to pay them for it, but I couldn’t be more excited. Her name right now is Blu, but I think I want to change her name. I like the name Sky and she is the color of the sky and she has a sunroof. If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment.

On June 13, I turned 22. I have two weeks until I finish my summer class. I have worked at my full time job for a little over a month. I have been away from college and all of my friends for almost two months. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this summer holds. Adulthood may be a big step, but I think God has done a pretty great job with so far. I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me and this great unknown they call life. ‪#emsfeeling22 

All of you sassy peaches out there, I would like to say thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you! I have 17 blog posts, viewers in 24 different countries, and my blog has been views almost 500 times. I would just like to say you are impacting my life in a big way. It gives me the confidence to press on and keep blogging. Again, thank y’all so much!


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