Finally settling in 

Three months ago, I walked across the stage at graduation. It was also the day I moved back home. I am happy to say that I am finally settling into my room and making it seem like home.

When I first moved home, I thought I would be there until August and then move. God had other plans. I didn’t want to get completely settled in and then have to move in a couple months. I am staying for the time being and I am starting to make it home.

As a college student, I didn’t life at home for more than three weeks at a time. Those three weeks were when I was home for Christmas break. I didn’t live at home during the summer. I had a job up at school both summers so I stayed up there. I am thankful my parents are letting me stay there until I figured money and everything out.

I have officially settled in and started to finally feel like it’s my room again. I haven’t cleaned out my closet since leaving for college and oh my did it need it. I gradually keep getting rid of clothes, stuff, and random papers. This past week I started my third or fourth bag for Goodwill. It feels great to have space in my closet for clothes I actually wear instead of clothes that have just sat there for who knows how long.

If you live at home for a couple days, weeks, or months during college, make the most of it. Settle in and make the space yours. You feel a lot better when you feel comfortable and relaxed when the space is how you want it. It also helps you to remember where things are around your room.


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