Joy Bombs 

Jordan Lee, blogger, photographer, amazing person who is a stranger to me, is the base of this blog post. She posted a picture of her and her husband and the post said,

“In true adult fashion, today we went to Staples to buy office supplies. Our productivity? We bought thumb tacks and danced in the aisle when Shania Twain came on over their radio system. #priorities Now tell us: How do you experience joy bombs in the middle of your every day tasks?”

When I read this, I stopped and thought about joy bombs. I thought about all of the little things and moments in my life that make me joyful. Making brunch with my best friend. Sitting and talking with friends over the phone, in person, or through text messaging. Meeting new people and getting to know them. Praying to God about others people’s needs. Stepping on a crunchy leave. Smiling about fun things people have said to me in the past. Taking the time to be intentional with those around me. Singing a worship song in an empty house at the top of my lungs. Looking at a baby and making them laugh.

Joy is all around us. We need to make sure that we remind ourselves of the joyful bombs that happen and not the real bombs that satan brings. We need to be fighting for those joyful moments. They won’t always be there. Take the time to remember those joyful moments in life. Those moments that make you smile or laugh. Those moments where you were truly happy. Those are the moments to remember over the bad. God brings joy into our lives to show us how powerful and great He is.



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