The Unknown

When I first typed out the title for this post, all I could think about was a scary movie. I assure you my post won’t be about a scary movie.

We all have this amazing organ inside of us that allows us to recall memories, move around, and daydream. This is our brain. Our brain can help us do wonderful things, all day, every day. We can recall what we had for dinner last night. We can think about our childhood. We can even recite information from years ago. We can also dream about the future and about what might happen.

This dreaming can be good and bad. It can be could because we can achieve our goals through just dreaming that we can accomplish something and then accomplish it in reality. It can be bad because we think of all of the horrible situations that might occur. Most of the time none of those situations that we come up with happen.

Those daydreams consumed with fear are what make us stop before acting. We may be going to a friend’s house out of town. We have never been there before and we come up with at least ten scenarios where we get kidnapped, break a bone, or embarrass ourselves. When in reality, none of that happens and you thoroughly enjoy your time there.

We do this process with everything that comes our way. No matter what is in our path, we always think of the unknown.

I have been an over thinker my entire life. I always think of what could go wrong in a situation mainly instead of what can go right. I build up this wall around the situation and look at it from every angle. It comes in handy sometimes, but not always. I can think and over think a situation so much that when it finally happens I wonder why I was so worried or I don’t enjoy it because I am expecting something else to happen. It has been a struggle of mine for a long time. I am finally starting to realize that my brain isn’t in charge of what might happen. God is in charge of what happens in our lives. It is amazing who and what can come into our lives and make a difference in a small way. They might only be there for a season, but sometimes they are there for a lifetime.

We have to look at every situation as a gift that God has given us. We have to cherish it and not think about what might happen. Sometimes we need to turn off our brains and listen to God. He will tell us what we need to worry about and He will take care of those bad situations.

Don’t let the unknown keep you from the now. God will take care of you and calm you mind and heart. You just have to ask Him.


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