2017: The Year of Adventure and New Things

Most everyone sets New Year’s Resolutions that they may or may not come true. Some make lists about work/their career. Some make them about dreams. Some have health goals. Some make one and then don’t look at it again.

My list is a list of goals I plan on accomplishing over the next year. The things I put on my list are not all year long goals, but most of them are. It is nice to have a list that can help me live a more adventurous life. I have several that where I would like to try new things.

Some of my goals are: pay off one student loan, learn Spanish again, network more, try one new restaurant or meal a month, journal everyday, and get my own apartment.

Pay off one student loan. This one might be difficult, but I think I can pay off my lowest loan this year.

Learn Spanish again. I am actually already achieving this goal. I started using Duolingo. It has helped me remember a lot of things from when I learned Spanish in high school. It is an amazing tool!

Network more. I did met with a girl my age who is getting her Public Relations degree and we had a lot of fun. It was just dinner, but it was nice to just sit there and talk about the industry, life, and where we would like to go with our degrees. I am hoping to grow my network more other this year.

Try one new restaurant or meal a month. This one is checked off for the month of January. Papa Vino’s is where I went for my boyfriend’s dad’s birthday. It was very delicious and we had a blast. I also tried a new food while we were there, calamari. It was interesting. I can at least say that I have tried calamari.

Journal everyday. This is going well thus far. I journal every night about my day and down any prayers I have. It is nice to write it all down and let it all out. It is nice to write them down and I know I can look back in a year or two and see how far I will go.

Get my own apartment. I have always liked the idea of having my own apartment. I want to be able to decorate it the way I want and have mix match furniture. I want a little place I can call home.

Those are just a few of my goals for the year. It is nice to look at them and see where this year might go. I hope you made a list and that you can stick to it. It is very rewarding to see where you started and where you might end up.


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