This Pinterest World

We live in a world where we see people and say goals about their style, life, relationship status, or career. We live in a world where we look at Pinterest and tag the perfect house, with a white picket fence, a dog sitting on a white couch, a pool in the backyard, a walkin closet, and a gigantic bathroom. We watch movies where the characters don’t work for 8 hours a day, but have a penthouse apartment, and vacation in the Hamptons. We look at our Instagram feed and see people’s picture, perfect lives. We are jealous about what kind of heels our coworker wears, what type of car our friends drive, where our cousins live, and even what restaurants our college friends are going to.

We live in this Pinterest filled world where we think everyone has their crap together. We look at people in our lives and envy how well they are put together and how well behaved their kids are. We live in a world where everyone puts on a mask at some point. It could be just at work, it could be for special occasions, it could be in front of certain people, or it could be on so much that it takes over the real person who was once underneath.

We all think that we have to have our lives together and make others believe that we are put together. To be honest, we all hurt in someway or another.  We all have struggles, past or present, we are dealing with.

The next time you see someone and say goals, or see their perfect brunch, perfect family, perfect wardrobe, or their perfect house or apartment realize that they are human and have dealt with pain and suffering. Remember that they had to fight to be where they are. They had to push themselves to reach their goals. They have worked hard and are still working hard to reach their goals. We are all unique. We all have unique situations we deal with.

Some people deal with depression. Some people have lost a loved one. Some people are seeing war right outside their front door. Some people are fighting for other people’s freedom. Some people can’t have the family they dreamed of. Some people can’t seem to find a job. Some people are living with more money than they know what to do with. Some people are eating out of the garbage. Some people are dying. Some people are healing.

The next time you see someone and think how perfect they are I challenge you to pray for them. Pray they love the Lord. Pray they aren’t struggling with anything. Pray that they know they are loved. Pray that if they are struggling, that they know they have someone by their side. Pray that the Lord will show them His great love.

We all want people to see us as perfect. I encourage you to show people who you really are. Show them that you are not this put together person who looks on fleek all the time. Show them that you would rather be wearing your glasses and lounging in sweatpants. Show them that you are human. Show them you.